In the Name of God

The Profile of Ashianeh Ali


 Founded: Khordad 18th 1383 (2004) started with an adoption of 10 children of 3 to 6 years old

 Founder: Khadijeh Dehghan and family

 Goal: This project mainly started with an intention of rescuing the innocent children after the crisis of the earthquake in the city of Bam, in Iran. The goal and the objectives developed gradually, as the needs were highlighted. It was obvious that it is not only a matter of keeping the children in a safe and secure environment, but also their requirements need some foresighted planning. A peaceful atmosphere, with a reasonable learning programme, where they could flourish their abilities and develop their talents. Thereafter, the following plans were created and had been carried on. These plans are as follow

-          Providing all their needs, personal, educational, medical, and financial. With an intention to offer these innocent souls a loving and caring protection which could give them a taste of their ‘Home’, where they could feel they can evolve, until their maturity, marriage or working settlements

Administration: The chairwoman, (the founder), The board of directors

The Staff: Personnel and helpers

Finance and funds: Donations, Loans, Wills, Family and Friends

:Under taken activities

Various activities have been used over the past 10 years according to the needs of the children and the aims of this foundation, with the thought of raising the standard of their life and educational qualities

These activities are as follows


Medical and hygienic activities

Medical check- up was considered the first priority from the day one. Therefore, it was decided the children should be examined by a general physician first, then according to their needs the appropriate specialists will take over the cases. Basically the kids were suffering from traumatic and emotional problems, which had to be removed first for the all other health issues. Therefore, a team of doctors and specialists was formed to meet the requirements. This medical team includes General physician, Homeopath, psychologist, counsellor, E F T (emotional freedom technique) trainer, and life coach. Also, it is good to mention that there had been few successful surgical cases as well, such as hearing impairment, which was fixed with cochlea implant. The child’s hearing has been improved, but he is still under observation. The other case was a Thalassemia one which needed a bone marrow transplant. The operation was successful and the boy is still under medical observation, being looked after by the two trained sisters, for another six months, in Tehran.

Besides these major cases, there had been some other physical and mental disorders and hyper activities etc. in few other children, which has been improved and cured by Homeopathic medicines, and by EFT Technique


Educational activities

Enrolling the children in public or private schools or nurseries, according to their age and abilities and providing all the materials for their schooling

Tuition arrangements for their home- works, (Payee or volunteers)

Enrolling the children in few extra classes such as, English Language, Computer Skills, Music, Swimming or other games, depending upon their own choices

On top of that, there are some other learning activities in the centre like, Painting, Sketching, Designing on Tiles and Glass, and Sculpture etc


Recreational activities

Holding birthday parties for all the kids and providing gifts according to their needs

Arranging Trips to the Holy City of Mashhad in summer vacations, to the North of Iran, to the sea- side , or to some other cities of Iran. These trips take place by the kind invitations and hospitality of some devoted donors

Trips to the City Park, mountain - climbing, and selected movies or Theatres'    

There are also some interesting competitions of reading skills, essay writing and poetry recitation


Quantity and quality development process

1387: Accommodation for the girls by Mr. Hamid Motahari

1387: Accommodation for the boys by Mr.Gholam Reza Molaee

1388: Foundation of a third independent accommodation by Mr. Ali  Reza Akafzadeh for toddlers

1390: Obtaining two plots of land, for a permanent settlement for the children by the help of Mr. Seifollahi ( The Mayor) and Mr. Soltanzadeh (The Head of Monumental Buildings Foudation)

1392: Starting a commercial centre donated by Mr. Bagheri

1392 Obtaining and equipping a forth flat, in order to start another centre to accommodate a number of disable children. This scheme took place with the kind donations of Mr. Ali Gerami, Mr. Farzad Najibzadeh and Mr. Ali Reza Akafzadeh. All the interior equipment and furniture for this centre has been provided by Miss.Hale Agha, Miss Shadi Alvari, Mr. Motahari, Mr. Hashemi Nejad, and Mr. Najib Zadeh.

1393 The completion of the double story new building (2850 square meters) suffice for about sixty children, which would be the permanent settlement for the girls and the toddlers.      


Cultural Activities:

Holding annual celebration of Imam Ali’s birthday.  

Celebrating the festivals of “painting on Tiles” twice, on Children’s International Day, affixing the tiles in “Park-e-Maadar” (Mother’s Park) in Kerman, as a part of the ‘city beautification’ project.

Running market stalls in order to generate funds to contribute towards the cost of the building project.

Publishing Ashianeh Ali’s annual news- letter in a form of a magazine and sending it to all the donors and friends.

Starting up Ashianeh Ali‘s Website, to be in touch with public.

At hand Activities:

The construction of building No.2 for boys, by the kind assistance of the Municipality and Monumental Buildings Foundation. This task still requires kind attention of the dear donors.

Future planning for the children’s higher education, career and marriage settlement.

Finding more investors and donors for the future.

 phone: +9834-32476644-6

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